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The Empathy Coach was founded by Neil Lewis in 2020. Born out of a deep passion and affinity for empathic practice, self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and 20+ years experience of award-winning* people development, it's Neil's mission to help individuals, leaders and businesses to thrive in today's diverse, fast-paced and emotionally-driven world.

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"From the early days of being a technical trainer, I've always been fascinated by the psychology of learning and human behaviour. I'm a Level 7 Coach, and over the years I have picked up qualifications in Training and Human Resource Management from the CIPD, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator at Step II. I also often incorporate the work of Stephen Covey, Byron Katie and Gabrielle Bernstein in my practice with clients.

"More recently I have studied empathy, self-awareness and emotional intelligence from Carl Rogers, Daniel Goleman and Brene Brown. This deeper exploration into the root-cause analysis of behaviour has borne a passion for personal exploration, reflection and well-being - I am a qualified Mindfulness and Meditation teacher with the British School of Meditation and a Teacher in both Dru and Restorative Yoga (230 Hours, Yoga Alliance). Both of these disciplines have enhanced my own journey of self-reflection, discovery, personal effectiveness and resilience.

"As a coach, learning and leadership development specialist, I attribute many significant personal and professional experiences to my success as an influencer and motivator of people. That being said, my true ability to support and develop my clients lies in being able to adapt - to deliberately set aside my own views, values and experiences in order to truly understand the unique perspective of whoever I am working with. We don't require shared experiences to support others - just a shared desire to seek our truth, increase our awareness and strive to be the best that we can be".

* CII North West Centenary Awards 2012, Training Journal Awards 2016, The Learning Awards 2017

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