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Empathic practice isn't just a concept - it's a skill, and like any skill, it requires learning and mastery. Our learning programmes are grounded in our signature model of empathic practice - the EPIC Foundation Model. Once you have learned and mastered the EPIC Foundation in empathic practice, you can enhance your learning by applying EPIC to Leadership, Coaching or Communications and Engagement. We even use EPIC to develop stronger, more innovative, collaborative and effective teams. Check out our full list of learning programmes below.

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We know the word. We may even know what it means. But here’s the truth – empathy is hard! In order to be a truly empathic leader and individual, there are basic principles that must be learned and mastered. The aim of the EPIC Programme is to uncover your own unique pathway...

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As well as being high performers themselves, Leaders are also expected to drive high performance from their people. The highest performing teams are those that are: committed, rather than compliant; engaged, rather than ignored; and nurtured, rather than directed. EPIC Leadership is about understanding...

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The team that learns together wins together. If we take a look at professions where teamwork is key to success, you'll always find the same things:

  • They know each other really, really well;

  • They are aware of every individuals role, approach, strengths and struggles;

  • They value and tap into expertise within that team...

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Communications and Engagement teams have such a tough job. Getting messages across to many people, thinking about timing, positioning, language, branding, predicting FAQs, not to mention making sure that every bit of info that's needed is considered. It's a massive task. And it's not just down to one team...

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If you're planning an event and are looking for an engaging speaker, look no further than The Empathy Coach!

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