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EPIC Teams

Become an Empathic 'Learning' Team




Course Type - Face-to-face Workshop or NEW! Virtual Version

Course Duration - 1 day (7.5 hours)

Led by - Neil Lewis

Pre-requisites - Completion of The EPIC Programme advised, but not essential

The team that learns together wins together. If we take a look at professions where teamwork is key to success, you'll always find the same things:

  • They know each other really, really well;

  • They are aware of every individuals role, approach, strengths and struggles;

  • They value and tap into expertise within that team;

  • They support the on-going development needs of individuals and the team as a whole;

  • They play an equal role and share responsibility and accountability.


This course is about ACHIEVING all of these things by UNDERSTANDING all of these things, non-judgementally and with the sole agenda of high performance and fulfilment for everyone. It's about creating a 'Win-Win' team.


Why attend a course like this?


Going on a journey like this as a team is incredibly powerful for two reasons. Reason 1 - you learn so much about yourselves and each other. Reason 2 - it's an incredibly powerful shared experience, which also serves to create and strengthen the bond within the team. Previous attendees on this course unanimously report reduced levels of conflict within the team, greater levels of patience, understanding and compassion, and as a result a safer, happier working environment where everyone feels supported and nurtured. This leads to higher levels of creativity and innovation within the team, as well as higher performance as strengths are played to more effectively and development areas are addressed more efficiently. Previous attendees have also reported better communication within teams, faster resolutions to issues and greater levels of empowerment, all of which have a profound effect on the performance of both individuals and the team as a whole. Many previous attendees have also attested to seeing improvements in other teams they are a part of, such as sports teams, and even their families, just as a result of them being more open and aware of different approaches from different people.


What’s the course content?

Pre-course - Completion of the MBTI Questionnaire (30 - 45 minutes, no later than 1 week prior to attendance)

The 1-day workshop utilises theory from the EPIC Programme of empathic practice alongside the Myers Briggs Type Indicator - a well-established method of assessing the personality and unique approach of individuals and teams. In this highly interactive work-shop, teams will discover:

  • Why empathic practice is so important;

  • Why self and team-awareness is critical to empathic practice;

  • The Myers Briggs theory of personality, preference and approach;

  • Their own unique personality 'Type' and the 'Types' of others in their team;

  • Their 'Team Type';

  • What their 'Team Type' means in terms of their teams unique approach, strengths & development areas;

  • Their own unique pathway forward for becoming a high-performing, 'Learning Team'.

The workshop can also be structured contextually to focus on specific requirements, such as:

  • Communication

  • Conflict and Stress Management

  • Problem Solving

  • Collaboration

  • Innovation and Creativity

  • Managing Change

During your discovery call, we'll discuss the desired outcome of any team development activity to make sure that we can meet your needs.

The event is highly interactive and experiential. Teams will be encouraged to reflect personally in a safe environment (no judgement, remember!), as well as support others exploration. They'll walk away with knowledge, skills and an action plan for developing team performance, as well as comprehensive support following the programme through a private online community and lifetime membership to our exclusive online resource area, ‘My Empathy Coach’.

About MBTI

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the most established, recognised, valid and accurate personality assessment tool available today. Assessing 8 different preferences that result in 16 different 'Types', it's one of the few tools that takes into account how truly unique every individual is. Our lead facilitator has worked with MBTI for 20 years, and been a fully qualified practitioner at Step II (the highest level of qualification in Europe) for the last 10 years. All Associates are also qualified practitioners, and we strongly advise that you undertake any MBTI work with qualified, accredited practitioners.


What does it cost?


Each EPIC Teams event costs £1195, with an additional £55 per head for MBTI Resources (Questionnaire, Profile Report and Book). This is for a maximum of 20 attendees. Larger teams can be catered for, but will incur additional charges as they will be run by multiple qualified facilitators. We will deliver courses in-house or at a venue of your choosing. We can also source a venue for you, should you wish to make the event an 'away day'. These costs can vary based on venue, sourcing, catering and accommodation requirements.


For a no-obligation chat, please contact us!

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