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EPIC Leadership

Empathic Leadership and Coaching for Leaders




Course Type - Face-to-face Workshop (open or in-house)

Course Duration - 1 day (7.5 hours)

Led by - Neil Lewis

Pre-requisites - Completion of The EPIC Programme

As well as being high performers themselves, Leaders are also expected to drive high performance from their people. The highest performing teams are those that are: committed, rather than compliant; engaged, rather than ignored; and nurtured, rather than directed. EPIC Leadership is about understanding 3 key leadership skills, the 6 core roles we can play as leaders, and how the correlation of the 3 key skills is essential to the 'Coach Approach' - the most successful approach to leadership.


Why attend a course like this?


Leadership has changed so much over the years. First it was direction. Then supervision. Then line management. But as people and technology has changed, and career options have become more abundant, line management has evolved. It's no longer about giving direction, checking results and 'cracking the whip'. It's a widespread myth that people don't leave companies, they leave managers, but there is some truth to this. Whilst a good manager won't stop a person taking an opportunity internally or externally that's right for them, a bad manager may damage the confidence and resilience of their people, and keep disengaged, stagnated individuals in play. The empathic leader connects with their people on a deeper, more personal level, and has a far greater chance of supporting them as they navigate personal or professional struggles. The empathic leader motivates and inspires because they speak a language that is relevant and impactful to their people. The empathic leader adapts, and doesn't expect others to adapt to them. The empathic leader trusts and is trusted. The empathic leader doesn't judge failure, and therefore removes the fear attached to trying new things, stepping out of comfort zones and being innovative. The empathic leader leads by example by being self-aware, self-reflective and humble at all times. But most importantly, the empathic leader prioritises relationships - ALL relationships - as being the key to success in their team, department and organisation.


What’s the course content?


The 1-day intensive face-to-face programme is a deep-dive into the 3 key leadership skills:

  • Subject-matter Expertise - being the ever-developing 'expert' in their field (building credibility);

  • Influencing Skills - being able to communicate and adapt to any individual or situation (building rapport);

  • Empathic Practices - seeking to accurately understand other perspectives, non-judgementally, and demonstrate that understanding in action (building trust).

In each skill, we will explore the true meaning, how to develop and demonstrate the skill and remove any barriers to success. We'll also explore the 6 'roles' a leader can take when 1, 2 or all 3 of these skills are displayed.


The event is highly interactive and experiential. You’ll be encouraged to reflect personally in a safe environment (no judgement, remember!), as well as explore your own personal case studies of relationships that have been/are challenging. You’ll walk away with knowledge, skills and your own personal action plan for developing and measuring habitual empathic leadership every day, as well as comprehensive support following the programme through a private online community and lifetime membership to our exclusive online resource area, ‘My Empathy Coach’.


What does it cost?


There is a personal investment of £400 + VAT to attend the 1-day course and all of the on-going support provided. We can also arrange in-house courses for teams and organisations, which can often be more cost effective if you have a number of people wishing to attend.


For a no-obligation chat, please contact us!

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