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Life Coaching

Start Living the Life of your Dreams!




Session Format - Face-to-face or Virtual (Via Zoom or Google Hangouts)

Session Duration - 60 minutes

Led by - Neil Lewis, Certified Coach & Well-being Practitioner

Results-driven, goal-oriented people have coaches. It's a simple fact. You look at today's brightest minds and highest achievers, and they'll all have coaches. Having a coach means that you are committed to your own personal development - committed enough to invest in it, take it seriously and appreciate the fact that it ultimately pays for itself.


And here's another good point - why not? Why shouldn't we reach out for support to help us learn and grow? Why shouldn't we ask for help when it's needed? Don't we deserve a champion? Don't we sometimes need to be called on our shit? Don't we need to know our strengths so we can maximise them? Be aware of our vulnerabilities so we can deal with them?


The Empathy Coach offers a truly client-centred approach to coaching. Our only agenda is that you feel and see movement in your life. Other than that, our service is tailored to you. We'll start with getting real about two things:

  1. Where you are now...

  2. Where you want to be!

And we'll take it from there! We'll identify the blocks and barriers to you achieving the life of your dreams, and start putting plans in place to MAKE IT HAPPEN! We don't put a limit on your sessions, and we don't rush you through - YOU set the pace. We DO champion getting deep, working things through and getting brave enough to try new things. If you're prepared to do the work, we'll be with you every step of the way, and things can start to shift as quickly as you need them to.

Some of the tools and techniques we may use in our sessions include:

  • The EPIC Model of Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence - exclusive to our Coaching services!

  • Resilience-Building

  • Mindset Work

  • Tackling Imposter Syndrome

  • Classic Coaching

  • Career Coaching & Analysis, including our own exclusive Career Decision Making framework

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Cognitive & Behavioural Interventions

  • The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (up to Step II)

  • Strengthsfinder

  • Franklin Covey

  • The Work of Byron Katie

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Yogic Philosophy, Movement and Breathing

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as 'tapping')

Your personal journey is tailored to you, and expect to be challenged - a great coach isn't a 'yes' person! Our speciality is relationships, but most importantly, your relationship with yourself.


Why work with Neil?


Neil has been successfully coaching people since the early noughties. For 10 years he built and led the UK Learning & Development team at Vodafone UK, recruiting and developing their next generation of learning professionals. He then spent 5 years leading the Personal & Claims L & D Team at RSA Insurance Group, managing the development agenda for thousands of people across the UK and driving emerging talent development. Since 2014, he's been specialising in Empathic Practice, Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence development for organisations across the UK. Neil's practice is grounded in learning - he's never lost touch with his roots and enjoys coaching, training and facilitation today more than ever! 

He's also overcome severe anxiety and depression, homophobia, body image issues, emotional abandonment, redundancy, sudden traumatic bereavement, career stagnation, low self-confidence, esteem and worth. Thanks to a passion for personal development, great coaching (see?), resilience and perspective, Neil now lives life on his own terms, and has never been happier - at work, at home, in his 11-year marriage, and in himself.

"The real work for me is learning about myself. And that is CONSTANT! It never ends. We're always a work in progress. I've seen the biggest shifts in my life when I've been actively investing in myself - education, training, reading, Yoga, Meditation, therapy and coaching throughout my adult life have led me to a place where I not only understand myself, I like myself! And I believe I'm capable of - and deserve - the life of my dreams. It's a privilege to help others get to this space. Because truly, once you're there, the rest is easy!" - Neil Lewis


About This Coaching

Sessions are relaxed, non-judgemental, safe spaces for exploration. You will be challenged, but always in an empathic way. As with any good coaching, the sessions are client-centred - it's about YOU and what YOU need to get out of it, and we'll always work firmly within your span of control.


What does it cost?


Individual sessions cost £150. We offer discounts for up-front payment or block bookings. As soon as you become a coaching client, you automatically gain access to our exclusive online community, as well as access to 'My Empathy Coach', our members-only online resource kit.


We need to be the right coach for YOU, and we'll be the first to say if we don't think it's the right fit, as should you. To find out, you can arrange a free, no-obligation discovery call by getting in touch with us!

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