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Relationship Coaching




Session Format - Face-to-face or Virtual (Via Zoom or Google Hangouts)

Course Duration - 6 weekly sessions of 75 minutes

Led by - Neil Lewis, Certified Coach & MBTI Practitioner (Step II)

Often we need to work closely with other individuals. Perhaps we have a direct report or peer that we collaborate very closely with. Perhaps there is a Business Partner that we offer dedicated collaboration and support to. Perhaps we're a coach or mentor that wants to maximise the work we do with our coachee. Maybe we're a spouse or partner that wants to strengthen our romantic relationship to create a happier future or address our approach to parenting. Whatever the relationship, sometimes we need help and support to grow, nurture and improve it.

Our 6-week Relationship Coaching programme does all of this and more. Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, we undertake a safe, guided and shared exploration of type between 2 people, designed to highlight commonalities and differences of approach. It is entirely strength-based, as every approach has it's benefits. It also looks to establish the potential pitfalls within the relationship and identify ways to address them together.

The course outline is as follows:

Week 1 - Identifying the strengths and pitfalls within the relationship, plus an introduction to Type Theory

Week 2 - Where we get and focus our energy and attention (our inner world)

Week 3 - The type of information we prefer to gather and trust

Week 4 - How we prefer to come to and make decisions

Week 5 - How we prefer to live our lives (our outer world)

Week 6 - Maximising the strengths and addressing the pitfalls within the relationship

In between each session, there will be tasks to complete that will allow you to explore approach and type in the 'real world' of your relationship, with space to reflect on findings in the next session. At the end of the course, both parties will have a much deeper understanding and appreciation for their different approaches, and a clear commitment to each other for the future that will ensure a safer, happier and stronger relationship.


NB - Once strengths, pitfalls and relationship development goals have been established, further joint or individual coaching can be arranged if required. 


Why undertake this type of coaching?


Great relationships don't just 'happen' - they take work, commitment and investment. How much you value and 'put in' determines the output of any relationship. Conflict and frustration can arise as a result of one thing - a lack of understanding. People behave in ways or approach situations differently to how we would, or outside of our expectations, and we respond accordingly, often forgetting that another person may see the situation differently, or have a different approach to life than we do. But here's the thing - that conflict holds us back, impeding the potential of the relationship. Understanding more about each other - our personality, style, approach, what's important to us - gives us valuable insight into why others behave and respond the way that they do. When we're 'in sync' with others, playing to strengths, supporting development areas and constantly being empathic, together we can achieve anything! 


About This Coaching

This programme is designed for 2 people to undertake together. Sessions are relaxed, non-judgemental, safe spaces for exploration. You will be challenged, but always in an empathic way. As with any good coaching, the sessions are client-centred - it's about YOU and what YOU need to get out of it, and we'll always work firmly within your span of control. 


What does it cost?


A 6-week programme costs £1,995. This includes 6 x 75 minute joint sessions, MBTI Questionnaire, Profile Report and 'Introduction to Type' booklet for 2 people. As soon as you become a coaching client, you automatically gain access to our exclusive online community, as well as access to 'My Empathy Coach', our members-only online resource kit.


We need to be the right coach for YOU, and we'll be the first to say if we don't think it's the right fit, as should you. To find out, you can arrange a free, no-obligation discovery call by getting in touch with us!

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